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shemar_fans's Journal

Fans of Shemar Moore
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All Members , Moderated
A place for fans of Shemar Moore

This is a place where fans of Shemar Moore can gather to post pictures, fanart, news, etc that revolves around our favorite actor.

Regular Fannish rules apply. It’s basically common sense.

1. No bashing of Shemar Moore. This is a fan site. Bashing will get you banned. So will starting and even being any part of wank. We’re all free to our opinions. Be nice to each other.

2. Icon posts should only have three teasers on the outside of the cut. No more.

3. Picture posts should only have one picture outside of the cut. Save our FLists.

4. No spam.

5. No advertisements without speaking to the mod first. Send a message through Live Journal.

6. Only posts having to do with Shemar may be posted here.

Seriously. Common sense.

Most of all, have fun and love on our Shemar!

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